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{the pagoulatos family | ahwatukee portrait photographer}

What do you get when you put light sabers, fur babies, and a fun family together?
Just about one of the most entertaining sessions I’ve seen!
Seriously, I can’t count how many times I chuckled under my breath,
or even just guffawed out loud!

Jess and Dan came to me because his side of the family was getting together for the holidays
for the first time in a while.
(btw, perfect opportunity to get some shots done).
They were troopers and wanted to do them first thing in the morning, brrrr.
So got some hot caramel apple cider on the way!

What follows here are the antics of the Pagoulatos family…


{#mctd2013 | ahwatukee event photographer}

Okay, so Phoenix may not be San Francisco, or Seattle, or New York…
but we still have an awesome cuisine scene.
Have you been to some of our local restaurants? There is no shortage of NOM-ing from
Chandler all the way to North Scottsdale. (and beyond!)

And of course, everyone who has seen my posts knows that I jump at a chance
to get involved when I hear the word CHEESE.
Especially when these two words come before it:

When you were growing up, wasn’t that your comfort food too?
A big box of Kraft and I’d be good.
But the chefs that gathered together for this event went wayyyyyyy beyond Kraft…
they made it gourmet+
And tasty, oh so tasty.

Thanks to Kirti of Diya Marketing and Susie Timm of Girl Meets Fork
for hosting this event and having me out.

And in case  you’re wondering who filled our bellies,
you have these chefs to thank:

Peoples’ Choice: District American Kitchen & Wine Bar, Chef John Marchetti
3rd Place: EVO, Chef Jeff Caswell
2nd Place, Renegade by MOD, Chef Michael O’Dowd
1st Place: Cafe ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho, Chef Richard Garcia

 AZ Food Crafters: Chef Eddie Castillo
Twisted Rose Winery & Eatery: Chef Nicholas Galakatos
Tom’s Thumb Market: Chef Kevin Janeski
Rusconi’s American Kitchen: Chef Michael Rusconi
5th and Wine: Chef Joshua Yazzie-McLean
Stacey’s Smoke Dem Bones: Chef Paul Williams


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{holli & co | ahwatukee maternity photographer}

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.  {Pamela S. Nadav}
And there is such a special sweetness in getting to be able to tell that story!

I’ve known Holli for going on 3 years now.
And let’s just say that she knows me intimately…
and by that I mean she is my hair stylist.
She helps create the me on the outside!
(Call Grooming Humans and ask for her, you won’t regret it!)

After she told me that she was expecting her 2nd child, I believe that there was
some girlish screaming, jumping up and down, hugs, etc.
Seriously, her and her man made an adorable boy with Caden. How could I not be excited?!
Then when she told me it was a girl, I got reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited. Tutu city, here we come!

But in the quiet before baby, (as quiet as it can be with a 2 year old),we met at the Riparian Preserve to document this memory with their family. Daddy, brother, and Mama :]


Clients are welcome to re-post and share this blog, but do not crop logo or crop/edit images in any way.

Images are property of the Lucky Shot Photography
© 2014, All Rights Reserved

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