Hello & Welcome!

Meg Ross at your service! I’m a gal of many nicknames though…my favorite is Megling.

And this handsome man gave it to me ↑

That’s Josh, but you can call him Mr. Lucky Shot. Oh, and that adorable tot? Sadie Rose ♥ the littlest assistant

Other Tidbits

During my own pregnancy I gained a strength I never knew I had. I looked in the mirror and saw a MOM, a beautiful one. Now I want each and every one of you to feel this same way. You are a conqueror and you are forging the path for your family.

From the moment you "pee on that stick" to watching lovingly as your kiddos goof off during your annual photo session - I can be your photographer for these moments and everything inbetween.

I'm a Canon lady.
Studio strobe lighting and natural outdoor light.
Taken safety and creative workshops/classes.
Licensed & Insured

These are a few of my favorite things

Buy me all the mugs.

Seattle frame of mind.

Living a thousand lives.

Ice cream solves everything.

I wish I had fins.

Nerding out hardcore.