Baby Harper Banner Gateway Birth Story

Years ago another local photographer, Jamie (Rowan Tree Photos), and I bonded over our mutual specialties and sassy personalities. We found genuine passion shooting baby bumps and families. Ironically Jamie and I were both having difficulties starting families of our own and found empathy with our mutual struggle. My  motherhood began when my pregnancy test announced my daughter’s future arrival, but Jamie started seeking out professional help. I held my friend’s hand when she cried because fertility treatments weren’t working 3 years after her miscarriage and countless months of trying, she was ready to give up on her dream of becoming a mother. Then the most amazing thing happened and while Jamie and her husband Chris were on a sporadic break from treatments, their own pregnancy test told them a rainbow baby was on the way! Overcome with happiness for the both of them, I leaped at the chance to be the photographer for their Banner Gateway birth story.

I felt an instant connection to Jamie’s bump because her due date was right around my birthday in December. How cool would it be to help bring a new human into the world on my very own birthday?! On December 2nd Jamie sadly announced that their family dog had been ill and they made the choice to send him home to the rainbow bridge. Harper and him must have been highfiving on their way past each other since Jamie went into labor that same day. I think Harper knew that their hearts needed to place some love in another spot to truly heal.

Jamie’s water broke before labor (just like mine!), and she stayed at home until contractions began to feel more than just uncomfortable. I was eagerly attached to my phone and when they were admitted around 3pm I took a short nap knowing this would be a nighttime birth. I was texting with Chris for awhile trying to gauge if she was close to active labor, but since he was a first time dad he didn’t necessarily have the experience of knowing what that looked like. And the doctor was guessing that Harper wouldn’t arrive until the next day. Banner Gateway was only a short drive away so I grabbed my birth bag and headed in that direction with the plan of hanging out right next to the hospital “just in case.” Sometimes you just get that feeling!

10:00pm the nurse announced that Jamie was fully dilated. I parked the car and headed towards their room. I arrived to a calm relaxed birth space 🙂 Jamie was surrounded by her awesome nurse, husband, mom, and sister. She had had an epidural so there wasn’t a frenzy of emotion, just laughter and a pause for attention when a contraction took over. Chris was an amazing labor partner keeping Jamie steady with a reminder that their daughter would soon be there. Early in the morning right after midnight Harper Pearl came earthside and wished us all a grand hello! A full head of blonde hair (helloooooo heartburn Jamie!) and the sweetest face filled up the entire room.

I remember thinking, “Hello Harper, you’re finally here! And already so loved by so many. You’re the best story your mommy and daddy have ever told.” ♥

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