This last May I packed up my gear and headed West! Well, it was only one state away but I traveled to California for the Belly, Baby, and Beyond Conference. I’m sure you can tell by my site and portfolio that I have a passion for connecting with growing families and their journey through new parenthood. The opportunity to meet some of the other photographers in my industry that are the role models I look up to everyday was too good to pass! Maternity, Newborns, Marketing, Birth…and yes, even Breastfeeding.

I’m going to be really honest and say that if you’re picturing a newborn photographer in  your mind the woman you see is probably ethereal, wearing yoga pants, and more poised than you’d think. When I walked into the lobby of our hotel and met Tara Ruby she was the exact opposite. Funky haircut, converse, and an attitude all her own – I immediately liked her and wanted to hang out like friends! She escorted us down to a little water park nearby so that we could practice some “beach” shots with our model.

Kaylee was super sweet and the connection with her little one was so undeniable. It is very brave to bare that part of your soul with strangers and she did it masterfully! Breastfeeding is such a personal moment between mother and child, she has my eternal high fives!

Gahhhhhhh, I just cannot handle that babe staring my camera down! ♥

Mother/Daughter duos just don’t get more adorable than these two!

Thanks to our teacher, Tara Ruby, for performing some professional gown tossing 😀

The Lucky Shot Photography would love to join you in celebrating your breastfeeding (or pumping) journey here in Phoenix, AZ! You should be proud of it in every capacity!
Contact me today so we can get started on brainstorming 😀

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