{gratitude in 2012}

Sappy, yes, but I’m thankful for every chance I get to pick up my camera
and capture a moment in time.
I’m so grateful this year for every client that has entrusted me to capture their own moments.
It’s an honor and fun to boot!

The smiles, the laughter, the looks in their eyes,
it’s all worth it.

And of course there’s the other multitudes of blessings in my life
/my husband and his overwhelming support and love
/the house over my head and the food in my belly
/great friends who give me tons of laughter
/pets who snuggle and love back
/a job that helps me pay bills
/a family who supports me from afar
/clothes on my back
/sun shining on my face
/luxuries and electronics that others don’t have

So, while we did our “misfit Thanksgiving” last night with friends,
Mr. Lucky Shot and I are lazy in our jammies and have no intention of leaving the house.
Maybe we’ll take down the autumn decorations and put up some XMas ones, because I’m excited to decorate.

And while you’re cooking up your wonderful Turkey Day treats,
here’s a little DIY Placecard Project that I did with my nanny kids this week!

Step One:

You will need to “liberate” or “acquire” some paint chip samples from a hardware store,
or wherever else you can find them. I visited my local Ace.
Now, I had to make 17 different place cards, so I had to get 17 of each color.
These will make the feathers of the Turkeys.

Step Two:

Beak Time!
I had to awkwardly use the edge of a piece of paper to try and trace a good triangle.
Meh, I got close enough :]
Just used construction paper.

Step Three:

Cut out the heads for the turkeys.
I used simple construction paper and traced the bottom of a glass to make a perfect circle.
Then, C. (nanny kid!) help me glue the beaks onto the heads.
I wanted to put googley eyes on, but he insisted on drawing his own :]

Step Four:

Cut and fold some “cards” using construction paper.
I used white, but you could do any color.
Then, arrange  your “feathers”.
They were a little bit too hefty for a plain glue stick, so I broke out the hot glue gun.
(Obviously didn’t let the 5 year old handle that part)

Step Five:

Glue Turkey head (again I recommend the hot glue gun)
onto the bottom of the feathers.
I had C. write his family’s names on the cards, and VOILA!
Place cards!


cheers, Meg

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