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Just because you see a kid every day does not make their session any less special.
Since I became Nugget’s #babywhisperer, I’d thought about how to get him in front of the camera.

(Oh yeah, by the way, I’m his nanny :D)

His birthday was the per-fect excuse.

Nolan, I hope one day when you’re a teenager (with no attitude, I’ll make sure of that!)
that your mom will show you these photos and tell you about how your first BFF took them.
And then you’ll roll your eyes and tell her how silly it is that she’s telling the story,
and then you’ll call me to say that “she’s talking about you again.”
Yeah, because I’ll still be your BFF. And it won’t be weird.
BTW, I don’t care how cute you are, you’re not dating until 40. Or maybe 50.
Who knows, the life expectancy rate may go wayyyyy up by then, so let’s just round that out to an even 60, m’kay?

I ♥  you Nugget!

Everyone else, enjoy the carnage…


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