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In case you’re wondering how I choose which photo to edit,
I kind of do this dorky, close my eyes, point the mouse, hope I hit an actual photo thing.

In my “edit me!” folder (yes, that does exist, ha ha!), everything is a RAW file.
Literally, I have noooooooooooo clue what photo I’m choosing.

Because I was…at first.
Yep, I just admitted that.


IMG_9039 copy

July 4th.
The one clear day a year when every photographer gets out their tripod and treks to the nearest show to get some fun shots.
And most of them probably had to wipe the dust off that tripod, that’s how little some of us use one :]

This was the first year that we went out with our next door neighbors/bfs and their (then) 1.5 year old.
I don’t care how corny it is for me to say this…
but if you truly want to appreciate something, watch it through the eyes of a child.
There is so much unfiltered wonder and excitement!
I loved seeing and hearing Mr. B’s little gasps!

As adults, we may have seen our fair share of fireworks, it’s nothing new,
but to them, it’s BRAND spankin’ new.
And I can’t wait to share that kind of stuff with my own kids.


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