{little kamden | ahwatukee newborn photographer}

Kamden is adorable, no doubt.
Do you know what really made his newborn session pop for me?
Getting to consult with mom and dad ahead of time about their hobbies and passions!
Sometimes, even just a simple prop can make your photo stand out personally for you.

Kamden’s dad coaches for the ASU baseball team, so we added in some baseballs as decoration.
It was complete kismet that Kamden turned at looked at the ball with “YES!” written on it.
Samantha decorated that one when Kevin proposed ♥

Oh, amor!

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Are you expecting a little bundle of joy soon? I’d love to capture all those perfect details for you!

{little Phionna | ahwatukee newborn photographer}

Most likely, with having a child, you’ll discover this barrier. This line in the sand where you go from being the care-free people
that you once where to all of a sudden these PARENTS.

It’s a little bit odd to watch people that you’ve known for a couple years suddenly go through this transformation.
And honestly, it’s like lightning struck and the world was right again. Did Shantal and Payton ever exist before Phionna?
Obviously, it was meant to be ♥

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Are you expecting a little bundle of joy soon? I’d love to capture all those perfect details for you!

{miss nadia | ahwatukee newborn photographer}

Nadia is a female name that means ‘hope’,
used predominantly in Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Portugal, Poland and some Middle East countries.
In some translations, it also means “house”. Its origins are in the Slavic languages.

In the case of the Slavic languages, the name Nada is the word for “hope” in most of South Slavic languages, Nadiya (Надія, accent on the “i”) is the Ukrainian word for “hope”, while Nadzeya (Надзея, accent on the “e”) is the equivalent in Belarusian, or Old Polish Nadzieja all of them derived from Old East Slavic. In Bulgarian and Russian, on the other hand, Nadia or Nadya (Надя, accent on first syllable) is the diminutive form of the full name Nadyezhda (Надежда), which also means “hope” and derives from Old Church Slavonic, it in turn, being a translation of the Greek word ελπίς (Elpis), with the same meaning.

The name’s early roots and origins date back to Ancient Greece mythology. In most other languages it is a name in its own right. In Russian military aircraft, the warning system voice is given the name “Nadia”.

In Arabic, Nadiyyah means tender, delicate. Variations include the French name Nadine.

Introducing little miss Nadia!
(and her adorable body hair, gotta love baby hair!)

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