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    So sit back, relax, and show me that inner you.

{2014 Just Because Mini Sessions!}


Even though it’s still as hot as the sun’s surface here in Arizona, pretty soon the “THAT” time of year is going to be upon us! Panic mode may begin to set in as you realize you haven’t documented 2014 with that one.amazing.portrait.

Yeah, maybe you and yours don’t celebrate the holidays, that’s all good. But you can still wrap up this year with an amazing family shot that’s going to stick around for ages!

And who’s going to help you out with that? Oh yeah, ME! Just little ol’ Mrs. Lucky Shot. (And the Mr. will help out too).

Mini Sessions are perfect for the client that just needs a quick portrait! It could be an updated shot of your family, maybe you recently got engaged, there’s a little tyke in your life and you want to show off how much they’ve grown, or even have a cuddle session with your pets!

Maybe you’ve already gotten a quick snap that sums it all up?
Then can I please ask you to forward this on to your friends? Or this might even be a great gift!

Plus, it’s only 20 minutes, that will keep everyone happy!


We will meet up on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix (you’ll need to arrive about 15 minutes before your session time to make sure everyone is ready).

This location is going to showcase your trendy, urban side with some gorgeous, natural lighting.


Mark your calendars, Sunday October 19th and Saturday November 8th are when the party is rockin’! The Lucky Shot party that is :]
There will be 8 slots to fill each day.

Sunday October 19th – Afternoon
2:15 – 2:35
2:40 – 3:00
3:05 – 3:25
3:30 – 3:50
3:55 – 4:15 booked
4:20 – 4:40 booked
4:45 – 5:05 booked
5:10 – 5:30 booked

Saturday November 8th – Afternoon
2:15 – 2:35
2:40 – 3:00
3:05 – 3:25
3:30 – 3:50
3:55 – 4:15
4:20 – 4:40
4:45 – 5:05
5:10 – 5:30


Returning clients will have first booked, first served!
Email will be sent out Wed, Sept 24.
Dates and Times will then be open to new clients on Mon, Sept 29.

To reserve your session you must click the CONTACT ME button at the top of my site and fill out the form. Put MINI SESSIONS in the subject line. To reserve your session we need to know the following:

Your Name:
Your Phone:
Your Email:
Your Address:
How many people will be in the pictures:
Which time you would like to reserve:
Which package you would like to purchase:

I will the promptly email you a Paypal invoice. Your slot is reserved as soon as that is paid!

If you have any questions please contact me:
And I look forward to having you and your family in front of my camera!

{carla & shaun | ahwatukee maternity photographer}

One day I’m sure Carla will look back on her pregnancy and remember all those stereotypical occurrences…
You know what I’m talking about! Morning sickness, countless doctor appointments, and a sense that it
would take forever for baby to get here, but yet not enough time to be ready.

Do you know what I see when I remember her maternity shoot?
Flashes of red hair.
A sweet, tender touch of her hand to her belly.
Shaun grinning like a fool, imagining fatherhood being so close.

It may be corny, but her whole session GLOWED.


Clients are welcome to re-post and share this blog, but do not crop logo or crop/edit images in any way.

Images are property of the Lucky Shot Photography
© 2014, All Rights Reserved

{happy birthday evann! | ahwatukee cake smash photographer}

Little Miss EV will always hold a special little place in my heart!
Funny story…my best friend Alicia was actually the doula for Ev’s mom Em.
When little E was born late at night, A wasn’t able to go get her placenta for crafting.
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Wait, they don’t do that? Oh, your best and next door neighbor then, me:)

So off Mr. Lucky Shot and I went (abandoning his visiting parents, who could fend for themselves)
to go to the hospital.
We were the first people, besides her parents, to see her right after she was born.
And ermagherd, what a cute baby! I remember thinking that I wanted to chop off her feet and nom on them all night long.
Not that I make it a habit of chopping baby feet, I SWEAR.
Anyway, we picked up the lunch cooler and were instructed by Em to come up with an awesome name for her placenta,
so that she’d get some awesome juju every time she took a pill.

BETTY WHITE. The most awesome female alive, and the only person Chuck Norris is afraid of.

Nothing has changed by the way…
At her 1st birthday cake smash back in June Little E was as charming as ever. How do you resist her toothy grin?
She could have broken anything in my house, turned to me and smiled, and I would have forgiven her.
She’s THAT adorable!


Clients are welcome to re-post and share this blog, but do not crop logo or crop/edit images in any way.

Images are property of the Lucky Shot Photography
© 2014, All Rights Reserved

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