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{the “p” trio | ahwatukee family photographer}

It must be so easy to do a session for your family…
is that what you’re thinking?
You already know them, so it must be a breeze?

It’s even more nerve wracking! Everything has to be perfect,
you aren’t just capturing their memories, but it’s your own memories too.

That being said, I jumped (as high as I could!) at the chance to fly back home to WA (I’m in AZ)
and get to spend the weekend with my aunt and 2 younger cousins.
I grew up with them, miss them oooooooooooodles and oodles, so it was pretty exciting.

You know what else rocked? WASHINGTON!
In Phoenix we have to deal with constant sunshine (and icky face shadows) and heat.
But in Seattle it was overcast (dreamy) and just perfect. But cold…soooo cold.
I think it’s fun to fly back for sessions, but I’ll keep my sunshine thank you:D

First, we started out just on a park trail with beautiful greens and browns,
then on to Gas Works Park where we got to play around with posing with colors,
then finally we ended the next day at Third Place Books and really celebrated our familial love for literature.

Big shout out to TPB for embracing our want to shoot the session there and welcoming us with smiles.
So wish there was one near Phoenix, I’d probably get lost for hours there.

Enjoy my family ya”ll!


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{my Lucky life 04-10/365 | ahwatukee photographer}

I’m a little behind in my 365 photos.
Sometimes life just gets away from you, right?


Pictured: Mr. Lucky Shot and my Auntie Steph.
Easily two of my favorite people, EVER.
Right next to Piroshky Piroshky Bakery in Pike Place Market (Seattle).
Easily one of my favorite places to eat ever :]


Sometimes photographers do funny things when they are setting up their studio for a session,
like use sock monkeys as models.
(He was very moody by the way, kept making demands and throwing poo at me. Pssshh….)


Pretty sure this male duck is giving the female “the eye”.
Whoaaaaaa there fella, this is a public park! Children come here!


Meet my “nephew”, Mr. Max Danger.
Yes, that’s actually his middle name.
I adore this little guy <3









More fireworks from 2013. Enough said.

{the first ever “What to Wear Wednesday”!}

Whether you’re a photographer, or a client, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase:

“But what do I wear?!”

We can pin all the cute things in the world on Pinterest, but as soon as we need to brainstorm
for ourselves, it’s like it all slips away. Kind of like playing Scattergories,
your brain gets all scattered trying to remember the name of a city that starts with K.
(my favorite game, btw)

So each Wednesday I’ll be posting an outfit,
maybe inspiring someone out there!

And without further ado:

Why an outfit for a senior?
Well, out there in the world are millions of juniors right now who are dreaming of their Senior Year.
Prom, college essays, basically getting out of dodge!

And one of their biggest highlights is their Senior portraits,
a change to shine and be a model for a day.
Summing up your personality can be a tricky one, so one outfit can really save the day!

This black skirt has a little bit of edge, but yet still feminine.
Boots can be a funky alternative to heels, especially if you are a tom boy looking to still feel like a girl.
And lastly, the jacket, man, the jacket. I’m drooling over it!  That color could go with everything!

Don’t be afraid to step a little out of the box:D


**disclaimer alert! I am in no way telling you to go spend $1000 on a new outfit for your Senior Portraits.
These are meant to be inspiration and to give you an idea. Don’t give your parents a heart attack!**
f a c e b o o k
P i n t e r e s t
I n s t a g r a m
f i n d   m e