{the first ever “What to Wear Wednesday”!}

Whether you’re a photographer, or a client, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase:

“But what do I wear?!”

We can pin all the cute things in the world on Pinterest, but as soon as we need to brainstorm
for ourselves, it’s like it all slips away. Kind of like playing Scattergories,
your brain gets all scattered trying to remember the name of a city that starts with K.
(my favorite game, btw)

So each Wednesday I’ll be posting an outfit,
maybe inspiring someone out there!

And without further ado:

hs seniors, class of 2014.

Why an outfit for a senior?
Well, out there in the world are millions of juniors right now who are dreaming of their Senior Year.
Prom, college essays, basically getting out of dodge!

And one of their biggest highlights is their Senior portraits,
a change to shine and be a model for a day.
Summing up your personality can be a tricky one, so one outfit can really save the day!

This black skirt has a little bit of edge, but yet still feminine.
Boots can be a funky alternative to heels, especially if you are a tom boy looking to still feel like a girl.
And lastly, the jacket, man, the jacket. I’m drooling over it!  That color could go with everything!

Don’t be afraid to step a little out of the box 😀


**disclaimer alert! I am in no way telling you to go spend $1000 on a new outfit for your Senior Portraits.
These are meant to be inspiration and to give you an idea. Don’t give your parents a heart attack!**
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